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Thread: Updates for stages

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    Updates for stages

    Is it possible to give the update info in stages. I've had a quick look and I don't seem to need to worry about any changes when updating as my children are all LG and younger. Is this correct?

    Kylie (Homeschooling in Melbourne, Australia)
    TOG Year 3
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    Are you referring to global updates that are completed each year to bring the curriculum current for DE users, or are you referring to the book updates chart that is updated periodically as books go out of print?

    The updates that were discussed in the current newsletter ( will have some major impacts on the rhetoric level students. The new Poetics product is due to be released March 1st. The curriculum will no longer contain the Poetics and Frameworks on the Loom as it did in years past. This has been combined into one product called Poetics and must be purchased separately. Poetics will also be incorporated into Year 1, which was never originally included. In Year 4 a main dialectic spine book went out of print and it impacted the curriculum greatly. This book was read in almost every week-plan and is now being replaced by separate books.

    These are the main things that are changing and you are correct in saying that if your students are younger this really does not have a great impact on them at this time. However, books do go out of print every day and if you want to keep up with the latest changes you will need to have access to the book updates. Book updates are not incremental, they come in a full year-plan at a time only. They are free to anyone who has purchased the curriculum directly from our company. Those that have used copies of the curriculum can purchase access to the book updates for $85.00 per year. If you have all four year-plans you would just purchase the book updates for the particular year you are using. You can then let it lapse until you come back around to that particular year-plan and then purchase the book updates for a full year again.

    Again all of these changes are listed in our current newsletter which you can read in detail in the above link. I hope this information has been helpful to you. Please let me know if I can further assist you. Have a great day!
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    Sorry I wasn't very clear. I was referring to the global updates. I already use the BUC regularly and I just wanted to make sure none of the big changes effected the LG level as it seemed to be mostly D and R changes. Thanks for your clear response.
    Kylie (Homeschooling in Melbourne, Australia)
    TOG Year 3
    C (12, D)
    D (10, UG)
    J (4)
    K (2)

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