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Thread: When to order new print versions

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    When to order new print versions

    I would like to order the Year 1 print and DE versions as soon as they are available. I'm confused about whether or not they are ready. Is the 3rd printing of Year 1 done? If not when will it be done? I know the DE version will update, but if I buy it today is it the same as what will be in the newest print version?Thanks

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    The 3rd printing of Year 1 will be released by unit. The first unit is due to be released on March 15th. You can read the unit release dates on our current newsletter from the Tapestry website.

    If you purchase DE today you can upgrade for free as each unit is released. If you purchase print now it will not be the same. There will be significant changes to some portions. Specifically the rhetoric literature section. Poetics is being introduced for the first time in Year 1. Also Poetics and Frameworks will no longer be included on the Loom of any of our year-plans. The new Poetics product being released on March 1st and must be purchased independently of the curriculum now. Again, peruse our latest newsletter for all these changes and information. I hope this information helps! Have a great weekend!
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    Is there any advantage to ordering at a conference vs. online now? I'd like to start collecting the books that I will need. Will the booklists on bookshelf central keep current with the new units as they are released? If Units 1 and 2 are released now, does that mean I can rely on bookshelf central to have up to date book lists for units 1 and 2?

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    We do have conference specials that you can take advantage of, but they don't pertain to the books from Bookshelf Central...they pertain to shipping or the new Welcome Packets. Yes, Bookshelf Central is working hard to keep up with the new units as they are released. The books you see there that are new say "New" in front of the titles and the old ones say "Last Chance."

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