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Thread: Rhetoric Writing Assignments without helps

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    Rhetoric Writing Assignments without helps

    This year has been difficult with writing assignments as there has been more than one occasion where the instructions for the student says the teacher will provide them with information on how to do their topic. Unfortuntately, there is little to no information in WA, no writing samples and broken links, or links that are not helpful. We are frustrated. This week for us week two of debate, and I have no resources or samples to show my kids. The link is for college aged debate teams, without any foundational instructions for how to get started. Any suggestions?

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    I'm sorry that you've found Writing Aids difficult to work with. There are a couple of genres (the first column in the red-bordered Writing Assignments) that are not covered in Writing Aids. (For these, we try to provide supporting links on our website.) However, about 95% of them are in Writing Aids itself. The idea is that the student reads the Talking Points one day, the teacher makes sure the student understands them the next day. Finally, on the 3rd day, the student starts putting pencil to paper, usually through prewriting.

    Now, you've given the example of debate, which is not in Writing Aids. Anytime you come across a genre for which we do not have a helpful link, please let us know and we will take care of that asap. Not only do links sometimes become inactive, but sometimes the originators of the links change the content. We are glad to take a look and get some more appropriate ones posted for you.

    We are here to help and serve you along your homeschooling journey. Don't hesitate to contact us anytime you have questions! We don't want you to be frustrated!

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