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Thread: How and wth whom do I start?

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    How and wth whom do I start?

    I will have an 11th grader, a 9th grader, and a 4th grader next year. Can I jump in this late in the game with a 11th grader? He wants to graduate early and I know he needs credits in American History, GOVERNMENT AND Economics. Is it too late to jump in with him? And what about the 9th and 4th graders? We have done more world history with the 4th grader and the 9th is starting, well....fresh for high school. Should I continue to just do my own studies?

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    I would not hesitate with the 9th and 4th grader. You may find in looking over the materials for the program that you will want to start your ninth grader in the D level materials if that student isn't ready for the R level materials and literature yet and then begin R level either his Sophmore of Junior year.

    For the 11th grade student, I've got some questions about how quickly you will want accomplish credits in American History, Government and Economics. First, the easy part, Tapestry does not cover Economics except as its its impact in history is seen, so you would need an additional course for that.

    Next for Government, if you need a full year credit for that, you may decide that Tapestry will not fulfill what you need to do. See this credit chart for Year 3: Government will only count as 1/2 credit.

    Finally while Year 3 or 4 will give you enough to count as a full year of American History credit neither will fully cover American history. So you will want to consider that part of the equation as well.

    Now as it happens, beginning in Year 3 would work well for your 9th grade student as the D level for Year 3 and 4 are structured to help them be prepared for the R level work. So doing Year 3 this year wouldn't be a bad plan for your family, but for your oldest it depends on how quickly they want to earn those credits.
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