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    Printing Question

    I am using a Macbook pro with Lion and am having an issue with printing from LockLizard. It does not seem to be centering correctly on the page. It leaves a large margin at the top and chops off the page numbers at the bottom. It appears this way in the print preview screen and does indeed print out this way. I cannot adjust this with any of the print options. I am not having this issue with any other program, I can print the SAP's from the pdf's within my web browser fine. But my teacher's notes, map, evaluations, and writing aids pages are all doing this. Lock Lizard says it is up to date.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for solving this problem? Thanks!


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    Hello Andrea!

    We have seen this problem on Macs, and it has to do with how the LockLizard program prints. We've spoken with LockLizard directly and they assure us that they are working on the problem for a later update. In the meantime, try this: when you're in the print dialog, look for the "Layout" drop down box and choose "Paper Handling". In that menu, check the box for "Scale to fit paper size." Then choose "Destination Paper Size", scroll down to "US Letter", and follow that sub-menu to "Borderless 8.5 x 11 in."
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    Unfortunately, that only makes it print really slowly, but with the same formatting issues. I will look forward to the update!

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    Has there been any improvement on this printing issue? I am running an iMac with OS X 10.6.3 (Snow Leopard) and Chrome browser, and definitely have a problem with the offsetting at the top margin causing the bottom to be cut off. The problem with switching to the borderless or edge-to-edge is that it defaults paper type to brochure or photo, thus using a ton of ink and printing very, very slowly. I verified I have the correct drivers, etc. Any help is appreciated!


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    Well, if you print Loom documents 2 to a page, you do get the entire page, including footnotes, page numbers and the 'not for resale.' It is decent enough size for something like the People Glossary if you just really want a print out. Obviously, it won't solve the Map problem but at least it's an option for the Loom documents.

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    I have had the page number problem for the 5 years that we have used a Mac. It is incredibly frustrating and seems like the type of system snag that some smart techie at LockLizard should be able to correct. Come on, guys... Help!!
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