Through our Netflix subscription I found a documentary called Empires: Kingdom of David and it has several episodes.

I have my kids read the material for the week first and then we watch a documentary on the same material. I find that my daughter holds her information and learns much better this way.

Today we watched the second episode of Empires: Kingdom of David titled: The Book & the Sword and it helped answer several of the Bible questions from the rhetoric level. It spoke of Alexander the Great and went into detail about the clash between Greek and Hebrew lifestyles (particularly the Olympic games and not being clothed - WARNING: it talks about Hebrew men having "surgery" to disguise their circumcision so that they could participate in the games. It is DEFINITELY for older students). Some of the commentary from the documentary matched almost word for word to the Catholic Public Domain Version of Maccabees that we read later. It was fun for the kids to pick up on that. It also talked in detail about the Maccabees and especially Judah.