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Thread: Y2, W 33 History "This Country of Ours" assignment

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    Y2, W 33 History "This Country of Ours" assignment

    (Dialectic Level)

    I am looking at Y2, W33's Core History assignment for this week. I have a different version of "This Country of Ours." The assignment says to "Read p. 416-419," but my book does not have 400 pages. Is there a way I can figure out exactly what pages my student should read this week in that book?

    Thank you so much.

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    This is a book I always suggest buying Tapestry's version of because of this reason.

    That said, generally the assignments in this book continue on in order. Tapestry usually assigns page numbers when they don't read the full chapter. Finally I think the publisher of Tapestry's version has the table of contents up at their website, so you can coordinate using that.
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