Hello again,

We are winding down, and have a few spots in our DIALECTIC level WEEKLY class. We make room if families have both but we are pretty full for Rhetoric class at this point...

If you are interested please contact me asap. We have a few more class sessions for visits and then we are done for the summer. My contact info is below if you'd like to get more info.

Take care!


I am posting to invite others to join our Tapestry of Grace YEAR 1 Dialectic and Rhetoric online co-op for 2013-2014.

We are accepting new family applications and are currently planning thru this May for the fall semester.

Are interested in teaming up with us to homeschool your children using Tapestry of Grace Year 1?

*Please email me personally at ebonness@msn.com (LOIS) and I will send you an application of a few questions to help us get to know you better=)

*Please put TOG VIRTUAL ONLINE COOP in the subject line.

You can also VISIT a class...we meet UNTIL MID-MAY.

If you are interested…great! Here is a bit of info to answer some frequently asked questions. Please read thru them if you have questions…let’s see if you can stump me with a new one..LOL


-We will meet online on Tuesday mornings 9:30am EST weekly starting around AUGUST 20th for our meet-and-greet session thru mid-MAY.

-We have a few slots open in Dialectic and Rhetoric for a family or two to join us.
-Families who have previously used TOG usually adjust better to this online group.
-We as a group of families have met online as a coop for 3 years – Praise God!
-Fees are usually less than $50 per entire family per year. Each family contributes financially to renting the online coop virtual classroom. We divide the costs among the families.
- Each family must contribute to teaching the classes of students online depending on your students' level….either R or D or both.
-We will be using the newest version of TOG Year 1
-We “meet” online using Blackboard. Previous technical experience is NOT necessary. Most families catch on quickly. Some training is available and we support each other.
-Parents in Dialectic are needed to assist their students during class time thru-out the year. Rhetoric parents usually also attend class most weeks even when not teaching.
-HW is assigned each week from the TOG Y1 curriculum. Each family purchases their own copy and their agreed upon book selections ahead of time.

The Socratic Method really works!!!!

-The Rhetoric level class includes Socratic discussions using the teacher guides of TOG. They meet anywhere from 90-180 minutes each week in history and literature.

-Youth in these classes really grow in their ability to articulate their views. It has been a joy to watch. Sometimes the Rhetoric students are so involved in their discussions; they continue them on their private Facebook group – just for fun. This is optional.

-The Dialectic level class will be more relaxed and meet for about 60-90min a week. They meet for history OR literature each week.


-Teaching is assigned based on what level class your child will be in R or D?
-Some parents must contribute to teaching classes of students on both levels….for Rhetoric and Dialectic.

-For instance…
when I started teaching in this coop, I personally had D AND Rh level kids so I helped teach in BOTH classes=) There were many teachers that year so I did not teach D level often. Overall in both classes I taught about 1x a month that school year from Aug-May. The other weeks I simply helped my kids get their HW in=) The beauty of coop.
-We use TOG Teachers Notes as a guide for our Socratic discussions. These Notes in the Tapestry Curriculum help a lot and are well laid out.

-We create our lessons using PowerPoint or an equivalent MAC program.


We plan to start classes in August…
We are in the planning stage now for the upcoming school year. We usually finish our planning by the end of May…. so if you have interest in applying please email me ASAP at ebonness@msn.com .
Please put TOG VIRTUAL ONLINE COOP in the subject line.
We will send you a questionnaire and potential dates for a class visit….

Many Blessings,
Heloise (Lois) Ridley