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Thread: Y2 u1 UG Resource from 4 yrs ago ???

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    Y2 u1 UG Resource from 4 yrs ago ???

    OK, I am having a brain cramp here as I start planning for cycling back to y2 later this summer. I have a note written in my 2009 print year plan that the then recommended resource, The Middle Ages by Mary Quigley, was oop and to replace it with Spotlights The Middle Ages by Sarah McNeill (which I own). However, in my 2nd printing DE up-to-date-as-it-can-be-until-later-this-week when the 3rd printing is released, it also lists The Middle Ages by Mary Quigley. My GUESS is that it briefly went out of print and was temporarily replaced by this Spotlights book. I needed it during that interlude so bought the Spotlights book and used it with one of my kids. But I can't find the assigned reading pages for the Spotlight book anywhere. It never made the book updates chart ... but I know it was recommended and assigned, and we used it 4 years ago. Now my youngest is UG and I am pulling out my books from 4 years ago and really don't want to buy another book for our last time around at this level. So, does anyone else have a faint recollection of what I speak (or type)? Am I crazy? OK, that's a loaded question. But if anyone has page number assignments for the Spotlights book, I'd appreciate it. I can recycle my old D lesson plans for middle child but am doing new ones for oldest at R level, so I'm lazily tryng to avoid recreating the wheel for UG on this one book, too.

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    Okay, I won't answer the crazy part, I am not a trained nor licensed professional.

    Let me suggest a course of action to replace those pages in case no one can help you.

    First look in your current version for where the Quigley book is used. Then look at the book you do own and the threads in each week that it is used and assign the book to your child by those threads. I substitute books I already own in this way and I don't usually have any problems with it. And if truth be told, I usually make those substitutions on the fly on the first day of the week when I am handing out assignments. If your child was at D or R level, I'd tell you to be aware that there maybe questions they won't be able to answer and to decide how you want to handle that, but at UG level there shouldn't be anything like that.
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