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Thread: High School and calcuating grades

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    Smile High School and calcuating grades


    We have used TOG for 3 years now and have made it through Year 2 Units 3&4, all of Year 3, and the first two units of Year 4. My boys have done Upper Grammar & Dialectic levels. I took it slow because we went very in depth and did a lot of the readings.

    As we are approaching the high school years (my oldest will be in 9th this coming school year), I am feeling very confused and overwhelmed on how to use TOG w/o repeating so much of what we have already done. However, I definitely want to make sure he is prepared in what he needs to cover to graduate.

    It looks like for Missouri requirements, he will need 3 units of Social Studies which must include (1 credit American History, 1 credit World History, .5 credit American Government, .5 credit Modern Global Issues - which looks like the impact of the Cold War). He has to be able to pass both a U.S. Constitution and a Missouri Constitution test.

    Sorry if I'm rambling...

    Anyway, I'm trying to figure out how to make all this fit while using TOG. I had planned on doing TOG Year 1 next year, but I'm not sure Ancient History will fit well with our 4 year plan or within the allotted time frame.

    So - here are my questions:
    1. Should I start back on Year 3 for 0.5 credit of Western Civ 3 and 0.5 credit of U.S. History I? Then for 10th grade I can move back into Year 4 for 0.5 credit Western Civ 4 and 0.5 credit of U.S. History II? Would this then cover us for the 1 credit American History and 1 credit World History stated above?
    2. How does one calculate grades for this coursework? I have found the wonderful resources at Tapestry of Grace regarding how to count the credits - but haven't seen calculation of grades mentioned.

    Thanks so much for any help you can give me. I have adored TOG and am saddened that we won't/might not be able to go into Ancients next year - I was really looking forward to it. But, I feel like I have such a short amount of time left with my big guy and I want to make sure I'm making wise choices that will best prepare him.

    Many blessings,

    and then do Year 4 again for 1 credit U.S. History? I could then

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    I also have a question regarding the naming of the high school credits. Year 1 shows as History of the Ancient World, then Year 2 says it can be called World History II. Does that mean Year 1 could also be called World History I? Could Year 3 be World History 3, etc or is Western Civ inherently something different?

    When you see World History as a requirement for graduation do you think they mean a specific period of time in history or would any of the above years work? I live in Missouri but am not sure how to find this out - if it is state dependent or college dependent.

    I also noticed that for Years 3 and 4, it has a Government Studies 3 & 4 - would that qualify for American Government do you think?

    Sorry for so many questions, I'm drowning a little bit.


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    First, I always encourage folks with a specific state law they must adhere to get advice from folks in state. Don't limit yourself to one person, but look at your state wide groups and ask several people. If possible find someone who has graduated children using Tapestry and ask them.

    However, I think generally that terms "world history" or "western civ" are very broad and can mean a lot. Tapestry certainly covers you there. Year 1 should knock this requirement out of the ball park, but if you continue on and do all four years you are covered.

    I have already decided to use specific specific course names for each year of Tapestry rather than try to shoe horn them into generic titles of classes.

    My current working titles are:
    9: Ancient History
    10: Medieval through Early Modern History
    11: 19th Century American History with World Focus
    12: 20th Century American History with World Focus

    Literature will follow this path as well. Notice also that I use the technical definition of Modern History (which begins after the Renaissance) not the common one which seems to think Modern History is the 20th Century. In my course descriptions I define the time periods using years.

    For grades, you need to decide what and how you will count things. Tapestry's Evaluations certainly cover everything thoroughly, but the big "quizzes" they provide for each and every week maybe too much.
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    Thank you, Pat!!

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