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Thread: Help with Poetics and Frameworks

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    Help with Poetics and Frameworks

    I'm trying to find the reading chart for the rhetoric reading assignments. The book says it should be at the beginning of Poetics and Frameworks, but when I get on the Loom, the only options under literature are Teaching Rhetoric Literature and Literary Criticism. I did buy the Shorter Works Anthology. Do I need access to Poetics and Frameworks? Would the reading chart just tell me to have my dd read everything that is in the Shorter Works Anthology for that week?


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    Do you have DE? If so the Poetics has been spun off into a free standing book which you now need to purchase separately.

    However, in my old print edition, the reading assignments from the Shorter Works anthology appear in detail in the student's pages for the week they are assigned.
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    Thank you for your inquiry. It seems there is a discrepancy between the copyright dates of your material. Where are you seeing references to Poetics and Frameworks? Any mention of Poetics and Frameworks refers to any version of the Loom that is before the 2013 copyright date (the most recent version). However, it seems that you have a 2013 version of the Loom because we have since removed Poetics and Frameworks from the Loom and significantly expanded them into a 500+ page literature handbook that is available for purchase through our store or over the phone. If you have a year-plan with a 2013 copyright date, then the new Poetics reading assignments are integrated into the Rhetoric Literature section of the Student Activity Pages. The assignments for Shorter Works Anthology appear in the Reading Assignment Charts in the weeks that students are reading material from this collection.

    I hope this is helpful and please feel free to respond if you have further questions.

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    I bought the DE and print version 2 years ago, but was not able to use it until this year. My version is copyrighted 2011. I see the references to Poetics and Frameworks in my print version. When I open the DE version, I guess I am seeing the newer version, because it does show the reading assignments, but I don't have access to Poetics and Frameworks so I don't have the actual document for her to read.

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    Poetics question

    So for ALL Poetics assignments I need the book (50.00) bought through Lampstand Press. I assume becasue this is new to 2013 there are not used copies available?

    This is our first year... would it be detrimental to the scope and sequence of Year 2 if we waited to incorporate Poetics until later in the year??? Or should I just buy it now and do it..


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    If you are doing R lit with one of the 2013 updated year plans, it would be a hassle to use the student questions and the discussion outlines in the teacher pages without Poetics. From the prep work I have done for teaching R lit for y2 this year, most of the discussion outlines refer heavily to the student's Poetics readings. Notice I did say it would be a hassle, but not impossible. You could sift through the class plans/discussion outlines to see what concepts are covered and then have your student use another literary handbook or a reputable online source to gain the needed information. It would be quite a bit more work for you, IMHO, but doable. BTW, the $50 price is for customers who have purchased their year plans used elsewhere. If you have purchased your year plan directly from Lampstand Press, you are eligible to buy one copy at a discount.

    Personally, I wish we still had access to a digital copy so that I and my kids could all have access simultaneously through DE. (Sigh.)

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    I just received my copy of Poetics a few days ago and I would say that if you are trying to teach a R level Lit. class,(even w/ 1 student) it is certainly worth the purchase. I was a little frustrated at the thought of one more thing to buy when I thought we were all settled after updating to DE AND after purchasing Redesigned a few years ago. However, for me, it was worth it to have everything I need in one place and to be certain that I am also well prepared to teach my R student. It was confusing when my Redesigned referred to things being on the Loom, but with my DE and Poetics, it all came together. I have noticed a few mistakes in the SAP, minor things like wrong page #s. As the others have mentioned, if you call Lampstand you can order it for a reduced price if you purchased from Lampstand.
    Wishing you a successful year,

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    I do think it would be pretty detrimental to your Year 2 studies if you do not use Poetics. I'm sorry. :-/ On the upside, I can tell you that the introductory price of Poetics for someone who has bought TOG directly from us is $20, which is a price we fixed very low (for the value of the material) on purpose to make the financial cost as easy as possible for you! :-) Many, many moms have told us that they really prefer Poetics in print and were paying to have it printed, which is why we discontinued the digital in favor of a low-cost print version. Hopefully this information will help you!

    Also, Momofmany, I would be super grateful if you could pass on any mistakes you find to Lampstand Press, as you have time. Revisions like these always mean human error, despite our best efforts (would you believe it---each of those documents is read and checked at least three separate times by three different people, and we STILL have errors!), so we really appreciate it when you ladies are able to let us know about problems! That way, we can correct them for global updates. :-) That said, please be aware that we have corrections pages on our website that may already include the mistakes in question. Here is the link to the one for Year 1: See the corrections link on the right.

    So grateful for you ladies and your graciousness towards us as we do our fallible best to serve you! Homeschool moms are my personal heroes for good reasons!

    Christy Somerville
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    I cannot even imagine such a daunting task! I appreciate all that work!
    As I said a minor detail!
    Year 3, SAP, R, Week 1 (page 23) Poetics assignment should read: Book II- VI B2 (currently says VII)
    "The Graveyard Poets, the Coming of the Ossian, and The Scottish Revival"
    Also, same page: Appendix E (not B) "Understand, Evaluate and Enjoy" page 492.

    I only point this out because I spent quite some time searching for the assignment in the wrong place. :-)
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    Thank you so much for that correction, Penny! I know how much time it takes to hunt through Poetics... seems like writing the thing doesn't make one any better at figuring out what it says where. :-P You should see me poring over it sometimes, muttering "I KNOW I put it SOMEWHERE" to myself. ;-) You've just saved me some significant time, and hopefully a lot of other people as well. God bless you!


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