We are in serious need of another computer. Most of what we have looked at within our price range come with Windows 8. We did purchase one, had it less than 24 hours and took it back because it glitched EVERY single time I tried to read a school disc (Tapestry, Apologia). I think I've figured out how to fix the PDF viewing and printing issue, but I'm still terrified of spending all that money and ending up not being able to use the new pc in future years with older versions of Tapestry. The older, used versions are the only ones that fit our budget and I don't see this changing. (I already work as much as I can while homeschooling and my husband's in a job [pastor] without advancement opportunities. He already teaches extra music lessons to help supplement.)

Anyone have experience using older Tapestry discs with the new Windows 8? Being so busy, I'm also worried about all the extra time it would take to just work out the kinks. I really don't mind learning a new system - the loss of the start menu, etc. is not a big deal since the 8 service pack 1 addresses many of these - but not being able to use the cd's I have is HUGE!