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Thread: South Africans wanting high school diplomas or matric exam equivalent

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    South Africans wanting high school diplomas or matric exam equivalent

    South African Universities require a school leaver's certificate (high school diploma) and exam results from the Cambridge Matric exam or the South African Government Matric Exam. Home schoolers are thus being forced to abandon any American (and thus Biblical World View based) curriculum for high school. It is limiting my co-op to people who think they might be able to afford to send their children to the U.S. for University. I really want to offer other families a better alternative. As much as they may love TOG, they don't see how it can prepare their children for university.

    I want to know if there is any way to register with an international organization which would be willing to allow us to use TOG curriculum and issue us with high school diplomas. I am hoping that an official high school diploma with the SAT's could work for university entrance here.

    I am a resident of California where I got my teaching credential (but it is not up to date since we have been missionaries in South Africa for 14 years).

    My son begins grade 9 in January. Schools here run from January to December.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    I'm praising the Lord for this reply from another missionary family...

    We have registered with Home Life Academy in Jackson TN. They are a Christian school providing umbrella accreditation for American homeschool families abroad. You may be able to connect with them. It is a matter of paying about $150.00/yr and submitting grades online. They have a couple of their own course requirements that you have to add on (personal finance and PE), but otherwise they have served us well.

    The other key elements we've used to get a matric exemption from Pretoria are the SAT (given at WITS twice a year) and acceptance to Cedarville University in Ohio (they are very homeschool friendly with admissions).

    A diploma/transcript from Home Life Academy, a good SAT score and acceptance to an American university has been enough to get acceptance to SA universities (my sons are at UJ in emergency medicine and WITS in electrical engineering).

    Hope that helps - it should for you guys. I'll be interested to hear if SAs are able to do this as well.

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