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Thread: Is it possible to retrieve old Literature worksheets from time past?

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    Is it possible to retrieve old Literature worksheets from time past?

    We used TOG year 2 in 2008. We're cycling through again and some of the books we have are outdated. Can we retrieve old Literature worksheets from days gone by? Thank you in advance.

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    If you purchased directly from Lampstand press you just have to go to the Book Update Chart and download the pages for the book you have. Go to the website, the year you want and the BUC is listed in the gray buttons on the upper right.
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    Just to confirm: the Book Updates Charts (BUC) give you access to the documents related to *out of print* titles. If we did a major update to a year-plan not pertaining to out of print titles, then that does NOT appear on the BUC. In 2013, we've done an update to the year-plans.

    I hope this helps too!

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