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Thread: Shorter Works Anthology??

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    Shorter Works Anthology??

    I'm not understanding where the shorter works for rhetoric are assigned? I have a 2009 print edition of yr. 3, and the current SWA cd. I see that the SWA has an assignment for week 4, but I'm not seeing it anywhere in our week 4 reading assignments?
    (2nd year with Tapestry and still trying to navigate my way through!)

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    Hi Tresta,

    Any Shorter Works Anthology assignments will be listed in the Reading Assignment Charts along with any other Literature readings. The 2013 version of Year 3 Shorter Works Anthology has been rearranged, so it sounds like this is the cause of the discrepancy between your 2009 year-plan and the 2013 SWA. Fortunately, because it is your year-plan that is older and not your copy of SWA, you can use the weeks listed in SWA as indicators when to assign those readings, even though they won't be listed in your Reading Assignment Chart. Something else to consider is that for any reading found in your SWA that is not assigned in the year-plan, there will not be questions covering that reading in the Rhetoric Literature Student Activity Pages. I hope this is helpful and please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

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    Tresta, I have the older print version as well. Because of information from Tapestry, I decided to forgo the Shorter Works Anthology.

    Here's what I have learned that might be helpful to you:

    1. The works assigned are usually not assigned on the reading assignment chart. Instead you need to turn to the Student Activity Pages for Rhetoric level.
    2. If the Shorter Works Anthology has a table of contents, you can check to see which works in your print version match it and make a note of what week they are in. As Megg points out, you will probably find that most works will still occur in similar groups.
    3. Which leaves you with some works that don't occur on the Short Works Anthology. Fortunately all the works called for are easily found with an internet search. You can easily find and print them out or capture them in a file of your own.
    4. If this sounds like a lot of work, your student really could do this, week by week. I found that even looking for a lot of short poems really didn't take much more than 15 - 20 minutes per week. These are very common poems and short stories, easy to find.
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    Thank you Pat and Megg! This helps - we will fill in and figure out as we go and I won't stress, thinking that I'm missing something

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