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Thread: HELP - week 8 Rhetoric literature!

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    HELP - week 8 Rhetoric literature!

    I posted to the Faust thread but thought I should cover my bases...

    I'm trying to find the sample answer to the Analysis Chart for Stories that was assigned - it's mentioned on p. 44 of my teacher's notes (11th line from the top). It's supposed to be in the literature supplement but I can't even find the literature supplement!

    I'm also confused by the references to Faust in week 8 of Y3 because that wasn't on the assigned reading in my 2013 version. What am I missing???? Feeling frustrated at my lack of understanding!

    Can anyone help me? This is my 2nd year with TOG - my first with a rhetoric student...

    Feel free to e-mail me at!


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    Terri, that does indeed sound pretty confusing! Let me try to answer your questions in backwards order:

    1. The reference to Faust in Week 8 is an utter typo (a very confusing typo!), and I apologize for it. Unfortunately, even with multiple editors and many "passes" being taken at each class plan we write, there are ALWAYS a number of this kind of error that our customers find and tell us about as they use the class plans. I am so sorry that this error should have added to your problems, and so grateful to you for pointing it out so that we can fix it!
    2. Good news! The sample answer to the Analysis Chart for Stories IS in your week-plan! It begins on p. 52 and is currently mis-labeled as the Summary for Goethe's Faust (which is the typo I mentioned before, and I am writing an email to have that corrected as soon as I finish this post!).

    I can't tell you how sorry I am for this, Terri. :-/ It's always really disappointing to me when something I wrote to help a homeschool teacher winds up confusing her instead! However, I so appreciate your bothering to get on the forum and ask the question, because now we can fix it for you and hopefully for many other teachers. Thank you so much for this!!!

    Christy Somerville
    Director for Rhetoric Literature
    Lampstand Press

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