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    Just wanted to take a moment to encourage you as I was encouraged =)

    May I begin by saying I'm not fond of poetry =/ As such, I was going to allow my rhetoric boys to skip the poetry this year. (ducking tomatoes =) Then dd shared some about her college english classes and I realized the boys need a foundation. ?At least needed to be familiar with the terms and how to read a blasted poem, right? Ugh.

    Well, owning an older version of TOG and DE (best of both worlds, imo), we leisurely strolled through Unit 1, spreading the poetry assignments over the entire nine weeks. I had my guys read two poets each week. Daily taking in the poems. We all read P&F. We discussed (intelligently) the message of the authors. The tools they used. The images created with words.

    A few days ago, my 14 yo son tells me he really appreciates poetry more now and actually (gulp) enjoys reading it! Wow! Hallmark homeschool moment.

    Thank you to TOG authors for your dedication and work! Be blessed and encouraged!

    Teresa in NC

    "For the LORD will not forsake His people for His great name's sake: because it has pleased the LORD to make you His people" (1 Sam.12:22).

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    Thanks so much for sharing that with us! It was very encouraging!

    No one can do me a greater kindness in this world than to pray for me.
    --Charles Spurgeon

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    Thank you for making my day, Teresa. :-) Not only is it a huge blessing to know that our work is a blessing to others, but also as I get older I find it more and more beautiful whenever a Christian takes time out of his or her day to encourage others. I've got a lot of work to do today--you just reminded me why it is that I do it. Bless you and thank you for taking a moment to be an encouragement!

    Christy Somerville
    Author of Rhetoric Literature for Tapestry of Grace
    Lampstand Press

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