Several of us in Lake County, Illinois, are looking toward the goal of forming one of the first local "Fellowship Groups" based on Tapestry of Grace curriculum for next fall. We would like to GAUGE THE INTEREST LEVEL to see who and how many may be interested in participating in this Tapestry Fellowship Group if we open it up for all ages.

The Fellowship Group would meet one day per week and would provide classes for students K through 12, split into the 4 different learning levels. Subjects covered would include, but not be limited to, history and literature. There would be hands-on activities for the younger students and discussion groups for the older students. Additional subjects, such as writing, may also be available, determined by the interest level of those responding.

We would base the 2014-2015 school year on the Tapestry of Grace Year 4 year-plan, which begins with history in 1900 and ends with current events (essentially 20th Century History). Literature and other subjects would coordinate with the history being covered. (Don't let the "Year 4" part concern you if you've never done Tapestry before. There is no need to do Years 1-3 first, and many people choose to start on a year plan other than Year 1.)

The Fellowship Group would provide a great place for group learning for the students, giving motivation to do the weekly work at home, then encouraging interaction and feedback on the days spent together. Of special note from a parent's perspective, the Fellowship Group would also be the place for the mess and resources needed for arts and activities, coaching and guidance for different ways to use the curriculum at home, and accountability to stay on track during the school year.

Actually, the grades 9-12 Rhetoric level is already running here for Year 3 in 2013-14, so there is a base on which we will build. There's no need for firm commitments yet, but if you may be interested in this for 2014-15, could you please reply email so we can keep you informed as plans are made and we can get input from you too? When you reply, please include your name and ages of your children.

Excited as we consider the future!