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Thread: Problem with Government elective-weeks 13 & 14

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    Problem with Government elective-weeks 13 & 14

    Hi - For those out there who are teaching the government elective, I ran into a problem for the last two weeks and want to know if I should be doing something differently or if there is an issue with the program. We use DE, by the way. My daughter uses the workbook content link to complete her assignments since the questions can be captured and pasted onto a word doc. She prefers to type answers to the questions instead of writing them on paper. However, for both of these weeks, there are more questions in the week-plan (both for the student and in the discussion outline) than she has in the workbook content link. She has been unprepared for discussion the last two weeks because of this and has had to backtrack and answer the questions and our discussions have been delayed. Is this an oversight in the program? I thought the assignments and questions were identical in content with the objective that the workbook content could be copied and pasted but the week-plan content could not because of all the extra material. Thanks for your help!

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    Thanks for your question! Go to our website; click on Year 1. You will see a gray section to the right titled, "Using Tapestry: Year 1." Click on "Year 1 Corrections. Then click on whichever printing you have. Scroll down the page to "Rhetoric," and the third bullet will give you further information. I hope this helps.

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    Also, FYI, we have corrections for all year plans on our website!


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    Is there any notifications of additions to the corrections pages. I check them out at the beginning of the year and then don't go back again.
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    Hi Kylie,
    No, there is no notification of additions to the corrections page. Personally I used to check it whenever I ran across something that seemed like a problem.

    Hope you had a blessed Christmas!

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