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Thread: Christmas in Regency England

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    Christmas in Regency England

    Our early elementary co-op assigned each student to give a presentation about Christmas in another country. We incorporated our Year 3 studies by narrowing the time period to Regency England (early 1800s). Our second grader went in costume and read her presentation in character, as a kitchen maid, talking about the Twelfth Night cake and how her job was to grease the paper in the wooden mold so the batter wouldn't leak out, for example. She showed the class some holly and ivy and sang the carol "The Holly and the Ivy." Afterward we shared "black butter" (apple butter) with the class.

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    The word that immediately leapt to my mind when I read your description of Christmas in Regency England was "charming"! Or, to quote a Regency-era character from a novel (I forget which one)… it sounds "Charming! Delightful!" That is exactly the kind of thing that I loved doing as a TOG kid. What fun you must have had! :-D

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