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Thread: Help! I can't teach writing!

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    Help! I can't teach writing!

    Hello Everyone!
    I'm still struggling with teaching writing to my boys (ages 16-10). In the past I've used everything from IEW to Writing Aids (which I still have). Right now I'm using Shurley English 7 with my 10th grader and 7th grader, but "I" still feel inadequate to teach this. Ironically, my degree is in education. I can teach algebra and even grammar all day long. But when I sit down to do writing, I freeze!
    I've tried going through the WA's assignments with the attitude that "we're just going to do this", but when my guys look at me with blank faces I don't know what to tell them without just telling them what to write. It's a matter of "my" not knowing how to teach this and it's driving me crazy.
    Marcia, any suggestions on a book, seminar anything to help me?

    Thanks so much!

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    Tiffani, how do you plan the writing portion of your week? What writing program are you currently using? This information will enable us to help you better.

    Karen Quinn
    Product Support Representative
    Lampstand Press

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    Hi Karen,
    I'musing Shurley English level 7 which has writing assignments in it. It's scripted too, so that helps. I just picked TOG up again after taking a semester off from it and would really like to implement the writing assignments into our schedule each week. But I'm having flashbacks from trying that last year.....moans, groans and confusion. Please don't misunderstand, TOG's writing assignments are clear "to me", but my boys look at me as though I have 3 heads and I don't know how to explain it to them better. I'm just wondering if there's something out there that specifically can help me teach boys. It's probably a laziness (they are boys...and they'd rather be outside playing).
    How do you help guide their thoughts without just telling them what to say? I'll ask questions to encourage thinking, but they just say "I don't know".
    I know this is a little vague. I don't have a specific issue with a specific writing assignment. I just wanted to throw this out there and see if there were others who struggled with teaching boys how to write.

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    I found the Tapestry Teacher Training to be very helpful. It can be purchased here:
    - Amy

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    One thing that would be helpful with boys is to break assignments/instructions/work time into "bite-sized pieces." In the introduction pages of Writing Aids,on page vii, there are some suggestions on how to break down the assignments for the week.

    Along the same vein, you could set a timer for your students and tell them that they only have to write until the timer goes off, then they can pick it up the next day. For example, if your 7th grader (dialectic) son is working on summarizing, you can have him do prewriting for 30 minutes and then stop, whether or not he's finished. He can write for 30 minutes more the next day. Before he works on it the next day, you should review his work.

    Also, we have a resource you can purchase that might help. You will find this by clicking on the "Store" drop-down menu on our website, then clicking on "Speeches." There is one entitled "Writing Workshop (Sessions 1&2).
    You are welcome to call in for some more ideas on how to do this.

    Karen Quinn
    Product Support Representative
    Lampstand Press

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    Thank you Karen! I purchased and watched the Writing Workshop over the weekend. It was very helpful!

    Where would you begin here in February in the area of writing? I don't feel that my boys are ready for the WA writing assignments for week 23. Should I start at week 1?

    One other question. I thought there was a link somewhere to different people's blogs on how they use Tapestry. I can't find it anywhere.

    Thank you!

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    I'm so glad you found the Writing Workshop helpful!
    I think starting at week 1 is a good idea since it is a review of some basic writing principles. As you go along, you will probably need to adapt the topics to what you are studying at the time.
    The link you are looking for is here:


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    Yes! That's what I've been looking for. Thank you!

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    hello, i think you should take help from some teachers who are engaged in writing and i am sure they can help you in a great way . you know you can solve your problem with one another tool. it is youtube, whenever i got a problem, any kind of problem, i just go to youtube and get help easily by typing what i need. i think it will be helpful for you . thanks and try it and reply me after your success .
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