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Thread: Question About the New Primer Materials

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    Question About the New Primer Materials

    I like the idea of the new Primer coming out soon, as I find that often the LG level is a bit advanced for my youngest children. But looking over the description, it seems like the content will differ from the regular TOG year plans. The thing I love most about TOG is that everyone does the same stuff together, though at different levels. Would Primer students be doing their own thing?

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    Hi Maggie,
    Most of the material in Primer is designed to be read-aloud to the young non-reading student. The content of Primer is taken from the four year-plans and compiled into curriculum for one school year for Pre-K to K students, although some LG students could certainly use it as well. So, if you have older students at home, you might want to stick with LG so you are all doing the same thing. However, the second option is to only require your youngest students to do Primer as the others hit the same material in TOG. For example, if you are in Year 3 with the older kids and studying the Civil War, then you do the Primer sections on the Civil War at the same time. I hope this helps a bit! Once we post the samples, you'll be able to get a better idea as to if it will work for you.

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