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    Question Level 2 Display Board wks 13-19


    I need some clarification on this writing assignment. I'm not sure how many paragraphs my child should be writing for the display board. In week 14 he is to write the first paragraph. In week 15 it says to plan at least 2 more paragraphs. Week 16 says the very same thing as week 15. So am I right in thinking there should be a minimum of 3 paragraphs or should there be a minimum of 5 paragraphs on this display board. I looked at the Writing Aids sample submission for a level 2 display board and that picture seems to show only 2 paragraphs?? I don't want to over extend my child and want this to be a positive experience. Getting 1 paragraph out of him each week is about right, but if we need to do more, then we will try it.

    Thanks for helping me understand this!

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    Yes, you are right in that the assignment calls for five paragraphs. There is good news, however! First, the assigned paragraphs are spread out over the course of a few weeks, giving you and your son some time to plan, edit, and revise. Second, each paragraph will address different topics covered on the display board, so there will be plenty of ideas to choose from. Best of all, you are the one who determines if your child can handle that many, and if you feel that he can't, it is perfectly fine if you choose to modify the amount of paragraphs you require for this assignment.

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    Thank you for clearing that up! I think it will be doable as long as I spread it out.

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