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Thread: Choosing between Dialectic and Rhetori

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    Choosing between Dialectic and Rhetori

    I have a son who will be in 9th grade next year. I'm trying to decide between Dialectic and Rhetoric for him. He's a strong reader but struggles with writing. I think he can read Rhetoric Literature, but I'm leaning on having him do the Dialectic Literature and be able to spend more time on developing his writing. I'm leaning to having him to the Rhetoric History and the Dialectic Literature for Year 1 next year. Has anyone done this? Any advice/recommendations.


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    I have not done this, but I think it could be done. You might consider doing a mix of both.

    Based on what you say, he could do fine with the R level literature. The discussion for that is still oral. He'd have to write some answers down for himself to prepare for the discussion, but those would not have to be formal and could even be jottings. The actual discussions may actually help him learn to write better (they did for my son).

    However, what I don't know is how much time you will want to devote to pure writing. It is possible that the amount of time spend on this through a class, would mean being able to do the extra work of R literature would be just too much time wise.
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