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Thread: Online lesson planners/organizers

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    Online lesson planners/organizers

    Thanks for reading! Does anyone here use an online lesson planner/organizer? I've looked at quite a few but I've never really used any except for Simply Charlotte Mason's Organizer. It has it's pros/cons and I would like to find one that might be a better fit for us. Any suggestions for one that works especially well with TOG? I would love to know what you use and why. Thanks in advance!


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    I found this one and it looks great! I've not used it but I plan to~ It looks like you can customize it quite significantly and you just print as you go, even specific pages for each child! http://www.tinasdynamichomeschoolplu...culum-planner/

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    I use The Homeschool Tracker plus and have for several years. It also has its pros and cons but overall has been a good way to plan and organized multiple years.

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