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Thread: Confused about Poetics

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    Confused about Poetics

    I must have missed something somewhere, because I have just recently become aware of the changes in the availability of Poetics and Frameworks. I have a 2011 DE version of year 2, and I have Poetics and Frameworks on my computer. I was going to update to the latest DE version of TOG, but a friend made me aware that Poetics and Frameworks are no longer on the DE version, but are in print form. If I update, will I lose those documents? Am I right in assuming that the newer print version of Poetics includes the info in Frameworks plus even more? My dd will start in the rhetoric level this fall, so it's good for me to get this figured out now, and not later when I think I have everything I need only to find out that I don't! :-)

    Thanks for any help you can give,


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    You are correct; if you update your DE version, you will lose your current version of Poetics and Frameworks. However, if you choose to update your DE and want to switch to the newer version of Poetics, here are some of the advantages:
    • The old Poetics will not match new year plans.
    • Year 1 did not utilize anything regarding Poetics, but now it does.
    • This Poetics encompasses all year plans as opposed to the old one.
    • Definitions and explanations have been standardized across year plans.
    • We have it in three formats, but before it was only available digitally.
    • Most people prefer it in print, but people like the digital because of the search feature.

    I hope this helps!

    Karen Quinn
    Product Support Representative
    Lampstand Press

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