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Thread: Y4 w34-36

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    Y4 w34-36

    What extra resources have you used to bulk up the study of weeks 35 Obama, and 36? My curriculum (which I think is most up-to-date) really only includes info through the beginning of 2010. Any suggestions are appreciated!

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    I think a bit depends on how old your children are. For grammar aged children, I think stopping there should be fine.

    However, for older children, maybe an internet scavenger hunt is the way to go. You could assign them several events after 2010 to have them investigate:

    • the 2012 presidential election
    • the Affordable Care Act
    • the IRS scandal
    • the government scandal
    • Snowden leaks
    • events in Russia

    And as a debate mom, let me encourage you to force them to find good sources, no blogs, no super biased sources, etc. For the Rhetoric students they could do that and try to find to contrary points of view that do show bias and analysis them to see what techniques they use.
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