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Thread: Documents on the Y2 Loom

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    Documents on the Y2 Loom

    Preparing for the coming school year, I was just perusing my Y2 Loom (it's the 2nd printing), and I have a couple of questions (for now):

    1) When I clicked on the "Index" document I came to a page that says, "Welcome to the Year 2 Loom!" (why thank you!).
    The Literature tab on the left under the Year 2 heading sends you to a list of documents, one of which is called "Poetics," consisting of 174 pages.
    Is that the same Poetics that you have for sale on your site, just minus whatever improvements have been made since my Loom was published?

    2) Also on that same "Literature Helps" page, there is a "Rhetoric Literature Reading Assignments" chart with a live link that takes you to the chart of Loom assignments that you're supposed to print and give to your student.
    Well, the link doesn't work on mine, so can someone send me a working link for that chart?

    Thank you

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    Hi Diane,
    No, the Poetics that you see on your 2nd printing is not the same as what we now offer as a separate product. The Poetics and Frameworks that are on your Loom are, if you will, "partial" in that they pertain only to your Year 2. The new, complete Poetics, pertains to all four year-plans and definitions/explanations have been standardized so that there isn't conflicting information between year-plans.

    Please feel free to email us for the chart you requested and we'll see what we can do.

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    thank you Dana, that's helpful info

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