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Thread: Clarification of Subjects "Covered" By Tapestry of Grace Curriculum.

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    Clarification of Subjects "Covered" By Tapestry of Grace Curriculum.

    My wife and I are evaluating Tapestry of Grace for use in the home education of our two daughters. I haven't found a clear statement of what "subjects" are covered by the Tapestry of Grace curriculum. I've searched through the forums and the website and assembled what I "think" is being covered by the TOG curriculum, but would like clarification of what is actually being provided by the TOG curriculum.

    What I "believe" to be provided via the TOG curriculum is listed below:
    • History
    • Language Arts
    • Geography
    • Art / Art History

    In addition, there are "electives" to which you can add to the curriculum as additional subjects.
    • Philosophy
    • Government

    Tapestry of Grace appears not to offer training in the following subjects as a specific lesson. For resources specific to these subjects, additional curriculum must be taught alongside the TOG curriculum.
    • Math
    • Spelling
    • Grammar
    • Writing / Penmanship
    • Natural Sciences (e.g. biology, chemistry, physics)
    • Foreign Language

    Is this a fair and accurate depiction?

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    This is mostly accurate, there is also a church history track. Further I would point out that some subjects are not covered with all ages of students. So philosophy and government are not really covered in any depth until you reach the the R level.

    Some folks would be concerned about the generic "language arts" since that includes spelling, grammar, learning to read, etc. that Tapestry does not cover. Tapestry includes literature studies and writing (not penmanship) might be a clearer way to map that.
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    Tapestry of Grace offers 3 core subjects:

    Also included are 5 electives:
    Church History
    Government (Rhetoric Students Only)
    Philosophy (Rhetoric Students Only)
    Fine Arts (Rhetoric Students Only)

    Tapestry does not include:
    Hand Writing
    Foreign Language

    You can go to our Explore Tapestry page ( on our website for a good explanation of our curriculum and its breakdown. I hope this information helps. Have a great day!
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    Excellent. Thanks for the information.

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