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Thread: Tapestry Vocabulary

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    Tapestry Vocabulary

    I am wondering if anyone uses the Tapestry vocabulary lists for Vocab lessons for their children and how they implement it? I'd like to save myself the cost of purchasing a separate vocabulary program, but also want to make this easy to do. Thanks! Alison

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    The vocabulary and people glossaries are found on The Loom. At the grammar levels vocabulary can be done with these words but is not necessary unless you would just like to implement them. You can make cards if you want with the vocabulary words on the front and definitions on the back. Then you can go over the words weekly and then again at the end of the unit if you wish to keep them fresh in the students minds.

    Under the 'General Introduction' to each year-plan on "The Loom", The Nuts and Bolts section to teaching each year-plan talks about doing a formal vocabulary program with students starting in 8th grade. This is on page 8 under the Vocabulary section. This describes how you can use formal vocabulary from 8th grade through high school for preparing students for their SAT tests.

    I hope this information was helpful. Have a great day.
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