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    Question anxiety

    I have a 7.5 year old son with a brain anomaly and undiagnosed syndrome, but most folks don't know that when they meet him. He seems just cute and outgoing to them. And he is. He is doing so amazingly better than we ever dreamed. Most folks can't believe there was ever any doubt that this child would interact with his environment,people or walk without help. God has been gracious.
    That said, anxiety is a huge issue and has been since infancy. He takes herbals to deal with routine days, as prescription meds made him dangerously impulsive. As an infant he'd throw up for three days if we went out much.
    Math is is super anxiety issue right now. I think his hives the other night was an emotional reaction! We are using Math-U-See. Year before last, he new alot of adding facts and place value. Last school year it took almost the whole year to regain that knowledge. We dont' have many funds, so while I'm tempted to go with a game or computer based curriculum, I just don't have anything to work with.
    Do you have any suggestions? Experience? If the Lord did provide the funds, is there something you would suggest for first grade math?
    He is reading well , and I just had him tested and his cognitive ability is scattered, though mostly "average".
    He can do it if he just wouldn't stress about it. Other subjects will bother him if he thinks he can't get it right.
    Anxious to hear your thoughts!

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    I have no thoughts about math curriculum, as my daughter is younger than your son and is doing workbooks from the Critical Thinking Co. for preK math skills, but I do want you to know that I said a prayer for your son and for you.

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