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Thread: iPad memory requirement for Tapestry DE and Poetics?

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    iPad memory requirement for Tapestry DE and Poetics?

    I'm finally making plans to get an iPad and now am considering whether the 16GB iPad is the correct one to purchase. I can see myself keeping all four years of Tapestry DE on it, and I also have the digital files for Poetics and Writing Aids. I also would probably have planning files, but probably not many more requirements other than something like streaming teacher training classes. Any ideas if 16GB is enough? I'd appreciate any experience or insights! Thanks! -Penny in MI

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    Hello Penny!

    The 16 GB iPad should be plenty of space to keep all 4 years of Tapestry files. At the very most, the Tapestry files would take no more than 2 GB of space.
    Alex Holt
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    Thanks, Alex! That really helps!
    -Penny in MI

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