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    I have been using DE on my iPad and as the school year gets going, I'm finding that I am using it more and more. Love it! :-) But I'm wondering if I am missing something. In order to open my unit, I click on a PDC Viewer icon. It opens to a list of all the units that I own and from there I can open each unit. My question is…… I have purchased evaluations and government supplements and I don't see a way to open them on the iPad. When on the computer, I need to look at individual week plans in order to open those documents, but I don't have that option on the iPad. What am I missing? :-)

    Thank you!

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    Hello Dian!

    The iPad is a little bit different in that its DE interface is available online and our Download Center doesn't automatically give you an icon on your home screen for it. I can certainly tell you how to set one up, though!

    1. First, go to the Download Center page in the Safari app on your iPad.
    2. Continue through to the Digital Content step and choose "No, I need to download my files." Then tap your year and that year's interface will open. At this point, you can create a home screen icon by tapping the share icon (it looks like a box with an arrow pointing out of the top), then tapping "Add to home screen."
    3. To download the Evaluations or Government files, select your unit from the top of that page, then select the file you would like to view as you would on your computer. In this case, let's choose Unit 1, tap a week on the right, then tap Evaluations under that. Next tap *Your level* evaluations for Unit 1 on the left.
    4. Your iPad may not appear to do anything at this point, but it is working on downloading that file so we need to be patient. I would give it up to 5 minutes to download that file depending on your internet speed. When it has finished, a new window will pop up with the file name and an option to "Open in PDCViewer." Choose that option and you should see the file show up in the viewer. From there you can tap on that file and it will open! You can do this with any other digital document you need to view as well.

    I hope that helps! If you have any questions let me know.
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