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    DE questions

    Hi there! I am a current tog user. Currently we are in year three, but I have always used print editions. I'm considering the DE for next year and wanted to hear feedback from people who had made the switch and what they did and didn't like about it. I also have a few questions...
    How many devices can I use tapestry de from?
    What if I purchase a book for a current student at a certain level and in several years my younger student is going to now use that book, but since it's out of print tapestry has now updated their book listing and literature pages? do I still have access to the old information?
    Do former print users find themselves tempted to print out lots of the pages, or is it easy to get used to the format?
    What kinds of devices can I use tapestry de on?
    Thanks so much!! Alison

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    I'm so happy to hear that you are considering DE. It is a fabulous product that is yours for a lifetime to use over and over again with each of your children.

    You can put DE on multiple devices. We try to look at each families dynamic and make customized decisions as to how many devices you can add DE to. DE can be added to laptops, desktops, PCs, Macs, tablets, and smart phones. The only products it will not work on are Kindles, Nooks or other eBook readers.

    If you purchase a DE year-plan and want to keep the current book-list to use with future students you simply will not update your DE version after our annual updates each year. You do need to keep in mind however that if you purchase any additional products in DE for the particular year-plan you are purchasing this will update the year-plan when you download the new product. Customers in co-ops are encouraged to use DE and update after each school year so that all students are on the same book-list.

    We also offer archived book pages for you if you want to use the same books for a particular learning level but still want to update and keep the curriculum current.

    DE customers only need to print out Student Activity Pages for their students. You can print other pages that you need as well but it is not necessary as everything you need is online. You can simply read your background notes and Teacher's Notes from your device.

    I hope this information helps. Have a great day!
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