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Thread: Mapping Question for newbie

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    Mapping Question for newbie

    Hello there everyone! Would someone who has led with ToG for at least a year or two help me with this question? This will be our first year with Tog. I have a 2nd grader, a mature kinder, and a lower kinder (and a toddler). So in Tog terms all LG's. We are starting out with Yr 1. We are having to purchase all books due to a crappy library system and are dealing with very limited funding. All of that being said, my concern is with mapping. I understand MapAids provides the maps for kids' to work on as well as the teacher's map. But what do the students use in order to find the answers for the mapwork? I will be the one teaching and I have a HARD time with geography. And i only plan on my 2nd grader having any real mapwork assignments. Thank you very much for your help!!!!

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    I can understand your concern with trying to do geography and map-work on a budget. A lot of moms use an atlas to locate places. Bookshelf Central has a resource available that grammar students will be able to use in all four year-plans for a reference. The initial cost is a little expensive but you will be using it for four years.

    You could also look at They have excellent geography resources for grammar students. Best of all they are free!

    Other moms will just take their teacher's key from Map Aids and let the students look at that map as a resource. We also have maps available on our supporting links pages. Have you looked there? When you go to our website page you will see the 4 year-plan covers. Click on the cover of the year-plan you are using. Once this page loads look on the right-hand side of that screen in the gray box. Here you will find supporting links for each subject of your year-plan.

    I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. Always feel free to call me if you need assistance. Have a great day!
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