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Thread: Another silly question: binder?

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    Another silly question: binder?

    As I'm budgeting for our summer/fall curriculum purchases, I'm trying to think of as many things as possible that I'll need to buy in order to make our curriculum choices work for us, and it occurred to me ... I don't know if the DE+Print version of TOG comes with a binder, or if I'll need to buy one separately. I definitely want DE+Print, even though it's not resellable, because I don't do well with having everything electronic (though I do want DE for updates).

    Could someone please tell me if the print part comes as just a stack of papers, requiring me to buy a binder, or if it comes with a binder? If I need to buy my own, what size will I need?

    Also, the optional tab set--I assume those are tabs that go between weeks to make it easier to find a particular week. Is that right?

    Thanks, and I do apologize for the probably silly questions!

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    Hi Deborah,
    No, a year-plan does not come with a binder; we've found that the binders don't ship well. One unit will fit into a 1.5" - 2" binder, but if you use page protectors you will need something larger. I personally liked the 2" binders because that gave me more space to add in newspaper/magazine articles I ran across, or just notes to myself or whatever. Yes, the tab set is numbered 1-36 so it divides the year-plan so you can find where you are easily.

    No silly questions here! Just let us know if you have any others and we are glad to help!
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    Thanks, Dana!

    I intend to buy the full year-plan and probably will not use page protectors (though I may well regret that decision in 4 years!). So if I want to put all four units into one binder, I would need a 6" - 8" one ... that would get a little unwieldy. However, if I had a large one for storage and a smaller one for the unit we were in, that would probably work. That may be a plan. Thanks again!

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