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Thread: Difficulties with DE

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    Difficulties with DE

    I updated my 2009 version of YR 1 but when I opened it up today, it was no longer updated. I inserted the CD again and installed the files, yet it still is the old version. Any help?

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    Hello TammiK!

    The best way to update your Year 1 would be to download and install the newest version from the Download Center (

    The installation CDs do not update automatically, so if you reinstalled the year-plan from a CD then it would be the same version as what you had purchased at the time you got the disc. Since you bought the CD in 2009, the 2009 version would be installed from the CD.
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    I purchased the CD a month or so ago for the purpose of upgrading to the new version. I cannot download the newest version because of slow internet speed and limited download allowance. Presently, my problem is solved because, for some reason, I can access both the 2009 and 2013 versions, which I prefer.


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