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Thread: If you had one chance to order your supplies for the year, what would you get?

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    If you had one chance to order your supplies for the year, what would you get?

    I used Year 1 with my oldest son this past year (LG), but we switched to ToG midway through the year so I never really figured out how to use the Writing Aids or notebooks or anything beyond the reading assignments really. We live overseas, and finding office supplies locally is a real challenge, so I'm ordering some from the States. I know there's no "official" supply list, but could someone give me an idea of what is most helpful? I have binders for the lesson plans already, and it appears that 3x5 cards with some sort of box to hold them in would be good for the "Word Bank," but are there any other supplies that make life with ToG significantly easier? I will have one and a half LG students this year (a second grader and a kindergartner, who will have the option to participate in the history readings but will not do the worksheets or writing exercises). Thank you!

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    This is an area where I think you must first consider "know thy self."

    If I was doing this, I would probably not get the 3x5 cards because I would know this would not be something we would do. Nor would I invest heavily in crafts, especially those with a high mess factor. In my case a printer and paper would work well. I also hunted down and found historical "paper craft" books that were geared mostly at upper elementary students which we used markers and water colors on to make various interactive maps or diorama sort of crafts (all on simple white card stock).

    The other thing I would get if I was overseas would be lots and lots of books. Books to tie into Tapestry, local animal guide books, etc.

    But these are my things and my family's things. Other moms and kids love crafts so they'd want to have more of those things.
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