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Thread: Ideas for D Lit in a group

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    Question Ideas for D Lit in a group

    I am hoping to have a group of middle school girls doing a lit class together this fall. The first dialectic book assigned in Unit 1 is Diary of a Napoleonic Foot Soldier. I don't think that is a good choice for this group of girls. I have considered substituting a Jane Austen novel. I think those may all be a bit advanced though. Any suggestions?


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    Diary of a Napoleonic Foot Soldier is a 4 week book. I would suggest some of the books listed on the alternates page. You could do Abigail Adams: Girl of Colonial Days, by Jean Brown Wagoner for the first week and then follow it by Presenting Miss Jane Austen, by May Lamberton Becker for the next three weeks. I've looked at a preview of the book on and I don't think by looking at it that it would be too advanced for middle school aged girls.

    You could also Google some books for this time period and come up with ideas as well. I hope this information helps. Have a great day!
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