Hello fellow TOG-ers!

First, here is a bit about our family. We have home schooled for one year. Last year (our first year), we brought from public school a 10th grade son, 8th grade son, 6th grade daughter and 2nd grade son. Our second son has always had an autism IEP in public school and has done well with many academic accomodations there. When it became apparent he would not likely earn a high school diploma, but a certificate of attendance, we chose to home school. Our son can learn, but the state standardized tests fall right in the middle of his disability. Passing a number of those is required for graduation. He will be in 9th grade in the fall and when he left ps he was reading on a 5th or 6th grade level (at the end of 7th grade). He and his younger sister both completed Y2 upper grammar last year. What do you think about this plan? I am bumping him up to dialectic (with his younger sister) at least for history or literature. Some weeks, maybe both. I hope having both of the middle kids there will provide some discussion opportunity with him. What do you think about him graduating with only dialectic experience. He is also primarily an auditory learner, so the challenge for him is going to be the reading load, which we will work into over the course of the school year.

Thanks in advance for you help and advice!
Angie in VA