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Thread: Elementary and High School?

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    Elementary and High School?

    Does TOG work well with young elementary and high school together? I have 5, 7 and 14 yr old boys and I would love to be able to work more with all 3 on things like history and Bible, but I don't know if there is too much of an age gap. Also, how much does TOG actually give you as compared to what you have to research and find to do on your own? I mean does it just give ideas on what to do and then you have to figure out what to do? I tried a unit study for all ages before and liked it, but i had to add so much stuff in and I never could give them enough to do.

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    Let me start with the how much does Tapestry give you. And I would say pretty much everything is there for you. For the older student your whole interaction with them is scripted out for you. You print out their student activity pages, they read and answer questions and you do discussions. I think it is pretty simple. For the younger two there will not be scripts because the intellectual depth is not there for them, but by working with your oldest you'll be prepared to talk with them about their people, events, etc. For younger students there is an assigned craft/art book which will have projects for each week. You'll need to decide what projects you want to do and buy supplies to do them. There are a few projects that aren't in a craft book (like in Year One you can measure out the size of the ark).

    Now, let's talk about working together. As you see above, I think be ready to work with your oldest will be all the prep you need for your younger two. First you'll have some background information to read in the instructors guide and the discussion you'll have with the oldest. You'll also want to check in with the younger two and you may even read some of their books out loud to them depending in their reading level. I doubt that you will involve them in the older student's discussion because the depth would be too deep for them. You might consider asking their older brother what he would ask his younger brothers, but be aware that sometimes the material he has studied will not be covered in the younger student's material.
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    Tapestry will give you everything that you need. There are activity ideas given and typically the instructions for them are found in the art/activities reading selection. The only thing you may need to do is get some supplies... but these activities are completely optional! I don't do a lot of hands on projects because it's not my favorite. I choose ones that use few extra supplies and seem like they will interest all 3 of my kids!

    You are given lots of encyclopedia reading material to prepare you for interaction with your students. You don't need to read everything they are reading as even the discussion is scripted for you!

    I love how Marcia describes Tapestry as a buffet... there are so many options within the curriculum that you couldn't possibly do it all. You have the flexibility to pick and choose what works best for your students and family! While your older student will be reading different level books than your younger ones, you may find that they enjoy doing certain activities and/or read aloud books together. You choose!

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