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Thread: Lower Grammar Vocabulary: Appropriate or Not?

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    Lower Grammar Vocabulary: Appropriate or Not?


    I'm planning out our work for this year, and I've run across some optional vocabulary terms whose inclusion (even as an optional suggestion) for the Lower Grammar stage I must question. Are "Agent Orange," "trip wire," and "booby trap" included in the literature or history books for the week? Another week included "napalm," I believe. I'm trying to determine from what context they have been derived. I think these are more appropriate for older students. The whole century is fraught with armed conflict, so by then we will have already studied many wars, just as we studied the Civil War last year. Nevertheless, these are such specific and violent terms.

    How is it visualized that these could be taught to my first and fourth graders? Could this possibly be a misprint, intended for another stage of learning?

    Thanks for any clarification you can provide.

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    Yes, the bulk of the words you see are found in the books; however, the words are chosen because they are ones the students are likely to run across in books on similar topics. Yes, these particular words pertain to the conflict at hand, and many people want to explain them to their kids in the right context. However, if you feel they are inappropriate for your students, please feel free to leave them out, but please be aware they are likely to read about them.

    I hope this helps. Feel free to contact us again if you need further clarification.
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