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Thread: In the Land of the Jaguar - Week 7

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    Question In the Land of the Jaguar - Week 7

    It seems like the Dialectic reading for week 7 is very heavy. In particular, In the Land of the Jaguar has 6 chapters (consisting of about 66 pages) assigned. The same book is assigned with less than 1/3 of that amount in the each of the subsequent 2 weeks. I know we generally need a little more time for wrap-up activities in the last couple of weeks in a unit, but is there any reason that I shouldn't spread this book out a little more? The chapters are related to different countries in South America rather than following a timeline, so it seems to me like it wouldn't be a problem. I just wanted to get some input from someone who might know better than me.


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    I've researched Year 3, Week 7 for the readings in "In the Land of the Jaguar". According to what I see, the first week it is used (Week 7), there is a lot of information to cover. You will be studying about South America and Simon Bolivar this week. The chapters that are listed for the week will follow closely with the dates on the Weekly Overview (page 6 of each week-plan).

    Below I have listed the chapters and their titles that you will read in Week 7. I've also listed the dates on the time line that corresponds to the topics you are reading for this week. I hope this helps you understand why this many chapters were assigned for Week 7.

    From "In the Land of the Jaguar" your student will read the following information in the chapters assigned for Week 7:

    Chapter 1 Where South America Came From - This is just a general overview of the background of South America.
    Chapter 2 Columbia - 1814 Bolivar is made dictator of Columbia, 1819 Bolivar becomes president of Gran Colombia
    Chapter 3 Ecuador - 1825 Ecuador joins the Gran Columbia
    Chapter 4 Peru - 1822 Peru declares its independence
    Chapter 5 Bolivia - 1825 Bolivia Declares its independence
    Chapter 12 Venezuela - 1810 Venezuela declares itself a republic

    When it comes down to the basics you are the teacher. You know your student better than anyone. If you feel that this is too much material for your student to read this week you can adjust it as you see fit. I just wanted to explain to you as to why each chapter was chosen for this week. It will not make or break your student to divide the chapters in a different order for this book. It could cause problems with your discussion outlines though so just be aware of this.

    I hope this information helps. Have a great day!
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