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Thread: Typos in Unit 4 countries and capitals

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    Typos in Unit 4 countries and capitals

    There are a couple of typos in the list of countries and capitals (Unit 4, page 14). Under Africa (Northern) it should be Burkina Faso (not Burkino). A little more obvious is the spelling of Ecuador (not Equador).

    Incidentally, because we can't cut and paste with Lock Lizard, I spent much of yesterday retyping those three pages of countries and capitals so that I could put them in a checklist format that would work for us. I understand the need for protection but sure would appreciate you considering how much easier it would be if we could just cut and paste.

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    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I will make a note of these typos and we will correct the information in our next update.

    Regarding cutting and pasting, we do have pdfs of the student activity pages. You can cut and paste these as needed. We do protect the curriculum itself from being shared or copied. We know our customers are of the highest integrity and will not share or copy our material. However, when curriculum is sold it sometimes fall into the hands of vendors that are not interested in copyright laws or how hard our authors have worked to create the curriculum. I will make a note of your suggestion on our list of customer suggestions and forward it to our Vice President.

    I hope this information helps. Have a great day!
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