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    Time management question

    Our family loves the integrated approach to Tapestry of Grace and how the literature and history topics complement each other, but we are finding that it is taking too much time. My 10th grade daughter is in Year 4 Rhetoric. About how much time each week should it take to complete the literature and history reading and questions?



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    For rhetoric students we suggest 60-90 minutes per day, per Tapestry subject being taught. Now this is not to say that all of the work has to be done each day. Many families choose to do history on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Literature can be done on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Geography can be done on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Fine Arts can be done on Thursdays or Fridays and so forth.

    If you see that your student is overwhelmed you may want to do one or two subjects of Tapestry for the first few weeks. Then you can add in other classes slowly, one class at a time. You can also think outside of the box by letting students listen to audio-books. If you find movies on the history topics or can find a movie about a book that you've read watch it. It will make history and literature come more alive for your students.

    Remember that you are the master of your curriculum, don't let it master you. You can cut back in areas that you see the need to. If you don't need to study government every year in order to fulfill graduation requirements then only study it in as many years as you need to. If geography is not needed for credit guidelines then let it fall by the wayside, focus more on history. You could also choose a favorite year in which to do geography. Philosophy can be held off until 12th grade and you can do it as a subject all of its own. There are cutting charts on the Loom in the document entitled "Teaching Rhetoric Literature" for each year-plan. This will allow you to cut up to 9 weeks of literature assignments and still be able to count a literature credit for each year.

    Many options are available to you. We have wonderful Facebook groups for each year-plan. We also have groups for Writing and Poetics. Join these groups and ask any questions that you have concerns with. Moms that use Tapestry will be more than happy to help you figure things out or give you suggestions as to what worked best for them. We also have certified advisors that you can contact that will be glad to help you with anything that you need. As always, feel free to call Product Support and I will be happy to assist you with any questions and concerns.

    I hope this information helps. Have a wonderful day!
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