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Thread: Planning Aids updates?

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    Planning Aids updates?

    I'm wondering when/if Planning Aids are updated as books change? I LOVE having them for my LG and UG kiddos but did notice that some of the books aren't updated for the changed books and assignments. I know I can go look at the "book updates" list but not knowing when the Planning aids were last updated has resulted in having to search every year to update my plans. So my question is are they updated and if not is there a plan to do so? Thanks!

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    We are in the process of updating Planning Aids as we speak. We update these annually along with all of our other products. Our annual updates are completed by Feb. of each year. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you are aware of the when these updates are ready for you to download.

    We had a record number of out of print books in 2016 due to our publisher not being able to print over 80 books that we normally purchase from them. We appreciate your patience and prayers as we complete this process. To sign up to our newsletter please go to this link:

    I hope this information helps, please feel free to contact me again if you have any questions or concerns.
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    Any word on updates? We are hoping to start school in the next couple weeks.

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