TOG Year 2 Dialectic package book lot of 21 books- all current: $150.00 ppd. (almost 50% off) The prices listed are the new prices.

Almost Home 5.80
Along Came Galileo 12.95
Anne Hutchinson: Religious Reformer 12.00
Bible Smuggler 8.90
By Right of Conquest: With Cortez in Mexico 20.30
Canterbury Tales 24.05
Early Thunder 6.90
Explorers of the New World (Explorers Who Got Lost) 15.95
George Washington’s World 21.95
Gulliver’s Travels (Classic Starts) 5.75
Hamlet 8.50
Johnny Tremain 6.25
Marco Polo: The Boy Who Travelled the and The Silk Road to China 12.25
Medieval Myths, Legends, and Songs 8.15
Men of Iron 10.00
Poetry for Young People: William Shakespeare 5.75
Second Mrs. Giaconda, The 9.90
Son of Charlemagne 12.40
Stories of Beowolf Told to Children 7.95
Story of Europe, The 13.95
Witch of Blackbird Pond 6.50


Y2 Dialectic Multi Year Resources $30.00 for the book lot, plus shipping
Church in History, The 24.00
Life in Celtic Times (The Ancient Celts) Schomp 4.90

Usbourne Encyclopedia of World Religions (Internet-Linked) 14.00