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Thread: Year 1 TOG plus books and extras for sale

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    Year 1 TOG plus books and extras for sale

    I have all four volumes of Year 1, 2006 in page protectors and binders. Also the tabbed set and loom. Priced at $100 plus actual shipping and payment fees.

    Extras: Maps- $15, Evaluations- $15, Pop Quiz-$15. Buyer pays actual shipping media rate and payment fees.

    Books listed below are almost the complete set for Dialetic with a few from other grade levels. Books are for sale at 50% of retail price from when I purchased the books. Buyer pays shipping and payment fees. If you purchase more than 10 I will work with you on a further reduced price or maybe free shipping. Books are listed by level, subject, title with author's last name and price when new.

    All books and TOG units are from a smoke free home and in new to good condition. If I don't have a book listed in D or R, ask as I may have it. I prefer Paypal but will work with you.

    Contact me at: .


    Level Subject Title Price/New
    D Fine Arts Spend the Day/ Ancient Rome 12.95
    D Fine Arts Spend the Day/ Ancient Greece 12.95
    D Fine Arts Ancient Israelites&Neighbors/ Broida 16.95
    D Fine Arts Ancient Egyptians&Neighbors/ Broida 16.95
    D H/ Core Mesopotamia(Excavating the Past)/Shuter 8.99
    D H/ Core The Ancient Maya/ Perl 9.95
    D H/ Core The Ancient Egyptians/ Perl 9.95
    D H/ Core The Ancient Chinese/ Schomp 9.95
    D H/ Core Ancient India / Schomp 9.95
    D H/ Core Solomon A Man of Wisdom 5.99
    D H/ In Depth Jason & the Argonauts/ Brooks 4.95
    D H/ In Depth Science in Ancient Egypt/ Woods 8.95
    D H/ In Depth How Majestic is Thy Name/ 14.99
    D H/ In Depth The Promised Land 5.99
    D H/ In Depth Ancient Greece/ Connolly 12.95
    D H/ In Depth Alexander the Great/ Green 6.95
    D Literature Hittite Warrior/ Willimson 13.95
    D Literature The Ides of April/ Mary Ray 11.95
    D Literature Twenty Jataka Tales. Khan 12.95
    D Literature The Eagle of the Ninth/ Sutcliff 6.95
    D Literature The Golden Goblet /McGraw 6.99
    D Literature Black Ships before Troy/ Sutcliff 5.99
    D Literature The Wanderings of Odysseus/ Sutcliff 5.99
    D Literature Victory on the Walls. Hyman 12.95
    D Literature Adara/ Gormley 7.00
    D Literature Tales of Ancient Egypt. Green 4.99
    D Literature Why Snails Have Shells/ Han 7.95
    D Literature The Well of Sacrifice/ Eboch 16.00
    D Literature In Search of A Homeland/ Aeneid 29.95
    D Literature Gilgamesh the Hero/ McCaughrean 20.00
    D Literature Wonders and Miracles/ Kimmel 18.95
    D Worldview How the Bible Came to Us/ Doney 10.99
    D Worldview The Church in History 25.00
    LG H/ Core Ancient Greeks/ Usborne 4.95
    LG Worldview The Children’s Illustrated Bible 22.99
    R H/ Core Ancient Egypt/ David Silverman 21.50
    R H/ Core These Were the Romans/ Tingay/Badcock 22.95
    R H/ Core These Were the Greeks/ Amos/Lang 22.95
    R H/ Core The Punic Wars/ Bagnall 14.95
    R H/ In Depth Warfare in the Classical World/ John Warry 29.95
    R H/ In Depth The Maya/ Trout 14.95
    R H/ In Depth Feasts of the Adonai 24.95
    R H/ In Depth The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt/ Payne 5.99
    R Literature Aztec and Maya Myths/ Taube 14.95
    R Literature Ancient Egyptian Literature/ Foster 19.95
    R Literature From Distant Days/ Foster 25.00
    R Literature The Bhagavad-Gita/ Miller 6.95
    UG H/ In Depth Pyramid/ Macaulay 9.95
    UG Literature Mystery of the Roman Ransom/Winterfeld 5.95

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    I am looking for a year 1 set. I have D, UG, and LG students and am interested in the evaluations, as well. Are these still available? KW

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