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Thread: I'm not understanding Writing Aids assignment

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    I'm not understanding Writing Aids assignment

    We're starting the Y1U2 poetry unit at multiple levels in our homeschool. The Writing Aids (level 8) assignment says, "Your teacher will give you exercises to help you learn about symbols and poetry."

    Where do I find these exercises? Am I missing something? The only exercise I find in Writing Aids is a scansion exercise for a Shakespearean sonnet, and that is not at all what we're studying.

    I want to use Writing Aids consistently, but I keep feeling like I'm missing some big part of the curriculum.
    I'm teaching 6 children at 6 writing levels, and I just don't have time to go googling around for poetry exercises that may or may not fit what's being taught. I'm hoping the problem is just me and you can lead me to what I should be doing!

    Thanks for your help.

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    For these assignments you will need to use the Writing Aids product. Writing Aids is a great handbook for the writing assignments listed in the year-plan but can be a little tricky to figure out at first. Writing Aids is broken into several different pieces to help you as the Teacher. Below is a brief explanation that should help you better understand what each part is and how it's used.

    Teacher's Manual- You will look in the teacher's manual alphabetically. For this particular assignment you will look for the word Poetry. Once you have located these pages you will have all you need to help teach that particular genre of writing. The exercises are listed here that you are looking for.

    Talking Points- These are the student pages. This will be listed alphabetically as well. Look for the word Poetry and when you locate these pages print them and give them to your student. These pages are very similar to the teacher's manual pages. They will also see the exercises listed in this particular assignment.
    Grading Rubrics- These are teacher's pages that explain in detail how to grade a paper, what to look for, and how many points to count off for each mistake. This is very valuable to us moms who feel like we need a refresher course. You will not have grading rubric every week.
    Graphic Organizers- These are pages for the students that will allow them to brainstorm and develop great writing skills. For this particular week you will need to print off the graphic organizer entitled Poetry Terms. You will not have a graphic organizer every week.

    If you purchased all digital or digital + print Writing Aids you will find the teacher's manual (in either DE or Print) and supplements within each week of the year-plan. Your assignments will populate in the middle of the page and when you click on the level it will tell you what you will need for the weeks assignment.

    If you purchased a print + CD copy, all of your supplements will be on the CD. Just look for the week and learning level and everything is listed for you.

    I hope this information is helpful. Please let me know if you need additional assistance. You may feel free to call me and I will break down each part with you over the phone. Have a great day!
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