The following TOG Year 3 Rhetoric books are for sale. Condition and price are listed with each book. Buyer to pay media mail shipping with insurance. If all books are purchased by one buyer, will sell for $200 including shipping and insurance.

Early American Republic: 1789 - 1829, The Paul Johnson VG (label on spine & little $14
wear on front cover edges)
Everyday Life in Regency and Victorian England Hughes, Kristine VG (label on spine) $9
Revolutionary Era, The: 1789-1850 Breunig, Charles VG (label on spine) $25
Victoria & Albert Starring Jonathan Firth VG $15
Civil War 1850-1895, The Ojeda, Auriana G (label on spine, little wear $31
on front cover & inside 1st pg)
Eyewitness to the Civil War Kagan, Neil and Stephen G Hyslop EXC $25
Gilded Age: A History in Documents, The Greenwood, Janette VG (label on spine) $14
Age of Nationalism and Reform, 1850-1890, The Rich, Norman VG (label on spine) $20
Victorian Internet, The Tom Standage G (label on spine, a few $4
loose pages)
Goethe's Faust (translated with intro by Walter Kaufman) Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe EXC $7
Faust (First Rate Publishers) Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe EXC $5
Billy Budd, Sailor Melville, Herman VG $2
Les Miserables Hugo, Victor VG (little wear on front) $3
Scarlet Letter, The Hawthorne, Nathaniel EXC $3
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Dover Thrifts Editions) Twain, Mark EXC $3
Anchor Book of Chinese Poetry Edited by: Barnstone, Tony and Chou Ping EXC $8
Great Expectations Dickens, Charles EXC $10
Crime and Punishment (Dover Thrift Editions) Dostoyevsky, Fyodor EXC $5
Heart of Darkness and the Secret Sharer Conrad, Joseph EXC $2
Ideal Husband, An Wilde, Oscar EXC $6

Danger on the Streets of Gold Howat, Irene VG (label on spine) $3
Mormonism Unmasked Roberts, Philip VG (label on spine) $4
David Livingstone: African Explorer Tiner, John EXC $5
Hudson Taylor: Gospel Pioneer to China Christie, Vance EXC $7
Mary Slessor Servant to the Slave Mackenzie, Catherine VG (label on spine) $3

-Karen B in MA